Arthur Correnson



A la recherche de tous les vrais bugs

Searching for all the true bugs (translated)

Arthur Correnson

JFLA 2024

Engineering a Formally Verified Automated Bug Finder

Arthur Correnson, Dominic Steinhoefel


Best Artifact Awards

Comment dompter un troupeau de flottants sauvages ?

How to tame a herd of floating points (translated)

Arthur Correnson

JFLA 2023

Un Coq apprend à un bébé Colibri à flotter

A rooster teaches a colibri how to float (translated)

Arthur Correnson, François Bobot

JFLA 2022

Posters, Talks and Demonstrations

Formal Verification of a Lazy Abstraction Model Checker

Arthur Correnson

ICFP Student Research Competition, September 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia

First Prize in the graduate category

(DEMO) Goose : an OCaml environment for Quantum Computing

Denis Carnier, Arthur Correnson, Christopher McNally, Youssef Moawad

JFLA 2023

(TALK) What Do Relational Properties Have to Say About Legal Expert Systems?

Arthur Correnson

Workshop on Programming Languages and the Law @ POPL 2023